Honeymoon, Day 3

Sorry we didn’t get to this last night before bed, but it was a long day. Yesterday we gave up the cottage at Pacific Missile Range Facility in Barking Sands and headed back to Lihue to meet Ben’s older brother Henri and his wife, Soni (who also happened to be our wedding coordinator and designer, if anyone is interested in having their own stylish Seattle wedding).

After we met them, we went to Costco to stock up for the rest of the time we will be here for the house where we are staying in Poipu with Henri and Soni, and Ben’s parents, Andy and Karen. It’s a great places, right on the beach in Poipu, although for a beach day we will probably head back out to Barking Sands because there was literally no one on these beaches.

We then drove back out to Shenanigans at PMRF with Henri and Soni for dinner as we watched the sun set. Then we came back to the house and took a quick nap before Ben and I drove back to Lihue to pick up Andy and Karen from the airport. We eventually made it to bed, but pretty late. At least now envy one is here and we can set about relaxing for the next few days.

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