Out.com’s 10 Cutest Couples on the Web

We made #3 on the list! Pretty cool.

From the site:

3. Matthew Phelps & Ben Schock

The first ever-same sex-couple to get engaged at the White House, Matthew Phelps & Ben Schock have married in Seattle (see wedding photos here). Immortalized in a now world-famous photo, Phelps got down on one knee last December on the six-month anniversary of their first date – also a the White House. Beats the old ring in a champagne flute.

2 thoughts on “Out.com’s 10 Cutest Couples on the Web

  1. Congrats guys, loved all the smiles on the wedding photos. Hope the announcements from the military after the SCOTUS ruling help you in the move to Japan (as well as the other benefits)

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